Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Shenanigans
A cold drink on a hot, hot day.

{No words...ah-hem}

Isaac and his dinosaurs

Backyard hangin'

Titus and was so windy this day

I never tire of a beach trip, even in the winter

Florida sunset

A Bates family favorite..."Spoons" {grin} Rob was our champion yet AGAIN this year (we don't boast or anything!).

"Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree"...Titus

A fun trip to Thomas Edison's house

"I'm the baby"...Isaac.

Isaac and Daddy

Hauling out our fresh compost from the chicken coop. GOLD, I tell ya!

It never ends, but I don't mind the labor of diapering little tushies. Someday I won't be diapering little tushies and I'll miss it. {smile}

Molly decided to help herself to the manger. Yep.

It's a fight for kitchen scraps around here, between the chickens, 2 dogs, and our worms.


Our first bulk order of wheat and beans from Bread Beckers.

Order from Bulk Herb Store for some salve making, tinctures, teas, and smoothies.

One of the many tote bags I cranked out this Christmas for friends and family.

Christmas cards from family and friends

I pray you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year!


Ashley Brandes said...

Love all your bulk orders. HAve you ever tried essential oils? Ashley

Jana said...

Lots to look forward to in this new year! Super cute and fun pics! Looks like your Holidays were filled with family and many happy memories. :)