Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Land Clearing Days 3 and 4
The past two weekends, we've been packin' up the Excursion with tools, food, blankets, and dreams, heading to our woods to cut trees and get it to the point where we can eventually get our camper parked on it. Days 1,2, and 3 were wonderful, but day 4 was the day when we REALLY saw progress.

Rob has been learning a lot as he's been felling trees.

Bush burning on a sweet, crisp day.

Firewood is stacking up nicely...oak and pine, mostly.


The sun is shining through!

As we were driving up, my prayer was that we would somehow be able bring up the camper the next trip (so we could get more done...laying Titus down for a nap would be a treat), but how would we with all the sand at the entrance?

I was pondering on this very thought when I heard a rumbling of a tractor coming down our little, dirt road. I watched as he passed our property and I quickly ran towards the road. I watched as he drove out to a neighbor, thinking he'd just have to come back our way again. He did! I asked Mr. Tom if he knew of anyone could help us and he said he'd be happy to move our sand. After all, he was the one who put it there after years of grading this road. I secretly shrieked with joy as he told me to move our car and he went to work pushing sand out of the way and making way for our camper. And he didn't charge us a thing. ("Thank you Lord.)

Rob was able to clear enough trees for the camper and we're excited, thinking about going up in the very near future. We don't have power or a well so we'll be bringing our generator and filling our water tanks in the camper to the brim, enough to last us a few days.
...and for just a little bit of inspiration (okay, maybe a huge bit of inspiration), I bring you one of my new favorite blogs The American Family Now.
More to come! 


Rachel E. said...

Isn't it awesome how God provides? I love your property. It's has so many trees and so much "firewood". How much land do you have?

Jana said...

You are really making me excited to begin our homestead journey! So cool how The Lord provides those things we need when we need them! I am enjoying checking out the new blog you found and am really getting some great inspiration and information! Thanks for sharing! Excited to read more about your preparations with your land and going "off-grid" with your family! (Hope I am using that term correctly! It's new to me!)