Monday, January 6, 2014

Skills for the Modern Homesteader

As the New Year has begun, if you're the least bit interested in homesteading, hop on over to Jill's blog, The Prairie Homestead, for a neat list of things to try this new year (I love this list and just had to share!). If you're a nerd like me (clearing throat...I know you're out there!) and you like surveys or checklists, you can print this fun list out for your fridge and check off the things that you conquer (because I did NOT do that).
 Remember to start slow, not overwhelming yourself. Even if it's just a loaf of bread. I remember flopping so many times that my husband actually brought me home a bread maker hoping it would help my endeavors. Hey, I had to start somewhere!{sheepish grin}

I love Jill's blog. I especially love her honesty and how raising young ones and homesteading is hard work, but so rewarding. I recently bought her book The Natural Homestead (and yes, I printed the entire sucker out and put it in a binder I had laying around, because that's how I am). It's fabulous. As we've been looking into milking supplies for "Molly", I've been bookmarking the pages for dairy cows (natural teat dips, udder balms, etc.) and am anxious to make these lovely, natural concoctions. Well worth the expense!
What are some of the homesteading skills you'd like to try this new year?

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Jana said...

Food Preservation of all sorts, but especially canning. I have done it before with my Grandma and put up my own applesauce a few years back but I still seem to have this fear that I won't get something right and then I'll poison my family with bad food! So yeah, that's my goal! Store food safely so we can enjoy our harvest till the next year!