Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Morning Memories, 2013

 Yeah, it's the middle of January, but I just had to upload and post last year's Christmas pictures. Hope you don't mind {wink}.

Wood working tools were a huge hit

This little man is just. too. big.

"...wait for it"

"...wait for it"

"...wait for it"

"okay, SMILE!"

(of coarse!)

Christmas breakfast helper


Something about this girl and masks!


dianne o'grady said...

just found you through Amercan family now..gotta love them. we too are a homeschooling family of on 5 acres currently...but we are leaving it behind to build on 7 acres we are buying. The plan is either a shanty or camper come spring while we very slowly build with cash...we too are home educators...and most importantly..BELIEVERs in JESUS=)..may God bless you and keep you...and to comment on your comment at are totally not alone!! Blessings...and how exciting to see the Lord moving as he is!!!! GOD BLESS!!

dianne o'grady said...

oh,,,,and our baby is Titus as well!

dianne o'grady said...

ok..sorry..had to leave one more..hee of our dogs is named Ranger!