Friday, April 19, 2013

He's Almost Here

I realize that I haven't blogged too much about my pregnancy with the exception of a belly photo here and there, so I'm making up for it today.  :)
So many times I wish I would've taken more belly pictures to capture this sweet pregnancy, but have fallen short as my duties at home are always full (tis the life of any mother, right?). This being my fifth baby hasn't necessarily made things easier, but it sure has made time fly by quicker than any other pregnancy. The feelings are still the same though...
Weeks 5-7
First weeks after finding out are always exciting!
Weeks 7-10
are usually where my hormones are all over the place, nausea has set in and we make things low key at home with schoolwork and housework. My husband has always been amazing during these times and is patient, understanding and willing to pitch in where needed.
Weeks 10-12
are when I'm still nautious, but hormones have subsided mostly and I'm counting down the days til the second trimester makes its appearance.
Weeks 13-Month 7
My second trimesters are always easy going, full of energy, ready to get back on the band wagon and conquer projects, catch up with school and housework, etc. and with sporting a little "bump", I can still tie my shoes, buckle littles in carseats and do most things.
Months 8 and 9 
I begin to slow down a bit, but month 9 is where sleeping becomes uncomfortable, energy is low and picking things off the floor with my toes isn't uncommon (right, like you've never done it!). This however is definitely a fun stage as baby is moving so much and being able to feel sweet baby feet in my womb are oh, so precious. Noises on the outside (because, let's face it, it's usually loud in our home!) make baby jump and move around as if he's already arrived. He/she develops sleeping and wake patterns that are noticeable to me. I love getting things ready for baby's arrival, washing baby clothing, getting diapers ready, getting out the Moses basket, bouncer and blankets, preparing where Grandma will stay {smile}, making frozen meals for Rob and the kids as I'm in the hospital and if I'm being completely honest, I love putting together a small pile of little projects and books to read as I have a "little holiday" in the hospital alone with our new, sweet babe.
At the hospital,
things are usually quiet and peaceful. I'm in some pain from the C-section, but so thankful for an amazing OB and the sweetest nurses in town. I love talking with people, getting to know them and their families as they share. One nurse in particular has been there for all four of our kids' births and it'll be interesting to see if she's still there and the look on her face when she sees we're back again. :) 
One thing I've really enjoyed during this pregnancy has been reading this book (top) and I've learned so much from Dr. Parker. Her book definitely supports the natural birth experience and there's nothing in it regarding recovering from a cesarian. Bummer. However, the care during pregnancy has been a wonderful read and I've really enjoyed some of her helps from the book. Highly recommended.  
So, now that our little man is 37 weeks (lungs and everything are officially, fully developed) and only 2 weeks left until the big day, I'm tackling some projects and we're only doing make up schoolwork that we didn't get to over the school year. Hoping to go to the Homeschool Conference this year even though it's a few short weeks after little man gets here. Carseat is installed, hospital bags packed (Isaac came 3 weeks early so we're not messing around), the Lord has definitely revealed a name (not'll just have to stay tuned especially since I have a neat story to go along with why he has earned this name) and the kids are asking on a daily basis now how many days until his arrival. They can't wait to smother him in hugs and kisses, dress him, rock him and we've been reading this book a lot.

Product Details

A big blessing with this pregnancy has also been that this little one will arrive right before we start getting really hot here in Florida. Our spring here seemed to prolong itself this year and then the past week or so, the summer temperatures have begun to emerge, showing promise that spring is definitely over. My last four babies were all born during such hot months in the summer and so I have confidence that the next two weeks should be a breeze compared to past times.
As always, I'm so thankful that the Lord has given us another healthy pregnancy and we're just praying for a safe delivery, healthy baby boy and a smooth recovery. Although I'm getting nervous about surgery (wish things could've been different) and trying to squeeze in as many little projects as possible, I'm trying to take time and enjoy still being pregnant, thankful that the Lord has even allowed my body to have children as I know there are so many out there where having children wasn't God's plan for their lives and they would give anything to be in my situation. So when people ask, "Goodness! Aren't you tired of being pregnant?" A simple reply of, "No. I can't complain. Just the fact that I can have children is blessing enough", usually helps me forget about the small bits of being uncomfortable in the last month and puts a smile on my face, reminding me of what a PRIVILEDGE it is to have children.

For the C-section mamas out there, here is a neat article from Above Rubies.
Blessings and hugs to you all, sweet readers!!!


Rachel E. said...

You're almost there. Take it easy and have fun. I just had my appointment today. I'm 32.5 weeks. I know what you mean about those last few months having no energy.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your little guy.

Jana said...

Best wishes to you as you prepare and welcome your new little one! Our last one just joined us 4 months ago. Exciting times!