Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Happenings Around Here
A new cookbook I've been using. My new favorite! Gotta love keeping flour, sugar, butter, salt, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla on hand to make just about anything.  :) Definitely helps the grocery bill.
Lincoln spelling words out for me with magnetic letters.

My sweet Avy-girl. 

8 months pregnant and counting down the days now.

Breakfast in the RV...we took out the table (we use the picnic tables provided by campgrounds) so if it's raining or really cold outside, we have a picnic inside. 

Isaac getting into mischief, as usual. He has earned the nickname "Trouble" around here. A few times during the day, I can hear someone say, "Here comes Trouble". Sweet boy!  :)

 Avonlea began her first quilt last month. After hearing that Norah had lost her favorite blankie, Avy got the idea to sew her a new one as a surprise. We went to Goodwill and picked out two sheets and then to the fabric store for a package of blanket binding (the silky kind). She started in the morning cutting out the 6-inch squares and by lunch had the front done. We added batting and then the backing and binding and Norah's face lit up when Avonlea gave it to her. What a precious gift for her sister.
Avonlea and Norah with her quilt

The boys + monster trucks

On our last camping trip, we found some wild turkeys at our campsite. Lincoln didn't hesitate to grab his air pellet gun and try out some hunting. Needless to say, the turkeys weren't very scared and were quite tame.
What's been going on in your neck of the woods this past March?

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Rachel E. said...

Your belly looks cute. How's your energy level? Mine is very low. I barely have strength sometimes to make it up the stairs and I am one month behind you. Ugh! I am on the look out for ways to gain more energy. It's horrible.

The quilt looks great. Tell her she did a good job.

I have an Amish cookbook as well and I use it a lot.