Friday, February 1, 2013


I went out to have some tea and chat with a good friend the other night. We talked about family, our faith and what God is doing in each of our lives, our kiddos, discipline and home education (to which her family will be starting this next year). We talked about our country and where its headed which lead to the topic of this amazing movie.
(I AM going to plug bits and pieces in still about Almost Amish, but the Lord has really laid this on my heart to share and I want to share while it's still fresh in my "remembery".)
I was aware when the movie came out awhile ago, but wasn't able to get to the theatres to see it. My friend told me it was a must see. So, the next day I trotted off in search of this inspirational film.
As I sat down to watch, the beginning intro caught my attention specifically because it's all the thoughts that have been running through my brain for the past few years with our current leadership. My heart goes out to people out there who can't afford healthcare, groceries or to pay their mortgages. Our family has also been through some of those trials, but we didn't give up. We didn't evolve a "America owes me" attitude. We prayed. We sought guidance from God's Word and the teachings of what Jesus did. We made some tough decisions on faith alone, not always comfortable decisions.  God gave us a second chance at doing things the right way, using His money the way we know He intends us to use it for his will for our family and we're so undeserving and grateful.
I say this because there are people in this world that have an "America owes me" mentality and we have to stop it. We have to stop it now. America doesn't owe us anything. God doesn't owe us anything. We forget the sacrifices made by our forefathers. No one owed them anything. After spending 66 days on a cold, wet, wine boat that wasn't even supposed to cross the Atlantic and after over half of the Pilgrims died in that first cold winter (they buried their dead in one grave so that the Native Americans wouldn't know their numbers of dead), they continued on in suffering, but survived to tell this amazing God-glorifying story. 
Instead of throwing in the towel at our country's lack of morality, our failing education system, our food system, unwed teenage pregnancy, abortions, drugs in our schools and the trillions of dollars in debt that our country is in (and only growing), etc. we need to get tough with it, just as the Pilgrims did. They had so many strikes against them, but the Lord was so EVIDENT in His provision for them to start this great nation called The United States of America. They founded this country with every intention for it to be a Christian nation, based on the principles of Faith, Morality, Evangalism, Law (God's, not man's ever-changing law mind you), Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Education, Liberty and Peace. These are the pieces that make up "The Matrix of Liberty" in Plymouth. These are the principles from the Bible that were so evident in making this great nation and we're just going to throw it all away after 400 years and move on to strategies (like other government, top-down approaches of slavery of its people) that we've seen take place and not work.
I love the part of the movie where Krik Cameron picks apart David Barton's brain regarding the diests and athiests that so many colleges and universities are portraying our founding fathers to be. Great heroes like George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, etc. The sources for this hogwash that were written are unfootnoted and unproven. For every one of the one documents they try to pull apart and prove deism, there are 200-300 that prove it to be wrong. And that's what's being taught in our schools!!! (Red flag here.)

(the Liberty Matrix statue)
I have a newfound respect for William Brewster, William Bradford, John Robinson and others. In fact, I have a few books I'm getting ready to read on these very fine, godly leaders. They were fearless because God was going to use them. For 150 years, these forefathers created a system of government that was FREE. Free by definition of an absolute standard from God's law. Freedom and liberty that started from each individual's HEART and not because the church of England was forcing them. When a person takes ownership over something and his/her heart is in the right place and has the absolute standard of God Almighty, they can't fail because what they are in turn living out is God's WILL. But when we break away from that, it produces failure because there is not absolute standard to live by for each individual and there will be contradiction in morality. I could go on, but I won't.
I simply want to share today what an amazing film this was and if you get the chance to see it, please pass it on to others so that this message may be spread across our nation. This nation can be saved! When all strikes are against us (just like the Pilgrims), we too can rise up with the help of the very God that gave us this country.  
"The solution is not blaming others. For 400 years, we've had it (the solution). Every time we've strayed from it, we've suffered the consequences. The seed that grew this nation was faith in God. That faith produces character, a character that produces great courage, courage to self govorn. Courage to guide and educate our children...and the courage to elect today's liberty men and women who will take the torch from our forefathers. The answer doesn't begin at the White House, it begins at YOUR house." ~Cameron
 Maybe in a generation or two, things WILL be different and there might be change. We can pray.

I'll close with this...

There were two ships that the Pilgrims were going to take over to the New World. The Speedwell and the Mayflower. After all of the Pilgrims loaded the two ships, the Speedwell sprung a leak and that ship had to return to England to unload the passengers and dock, meaning 1/2 of the Pilgrims had to stay back. John Robinson was one of those that chose to stay back. He had been the Pilgrim's pastor for 12 years and had lead and guided them along the way. He chose to stay back because he was a different kind of Christian. He stood on the promises of God to be victorious. He suffered in the moment so that his children and grandchildren might have a better future. A future that he would probably never get so see lived out, but he had faith that God was in charge. THAT is the kind of Christianity we need today in our country. It's going to take sacrifice that you may not be comfortable with. Sacrifice now for the glory of God. It is by no means a selfish endeavor. Teach your children well. Teach them these principles with every beating of your heart so that God's glory may shine on until He returns.



Rachel E. said...

We preordered this documentary and watched it as a family. It was a great film. I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting the US back to where it started.

Dancieve01 said...

Awesome post, Kelli you are a blessing to me. May God bless u abuntantly this year.

Evelyn R.