Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wrappin' Up January...Part II
The very first quilt that I started LONG ago and never got to finish. Finally got the batting and backing on it and now it just needs binding...then wha-la! I found this example in a quilting magazine and fell in love with it. It's got its rough spots, but that's a first quilt for ya. :)
The kids and I have been enjoying orange season. Love going to the Orange Blossom Groves each month to get 4 gallons of non-pasteurized orange juice. It's so sweet. I keep one gallon out and freeze the other 3 for the rest of the month. We go through about a gallon a week.
Avonlea is big into permaculture (not like her mother or anything). She created her "dream farm" awhile back using a list of what she wanted implemented and then after thinking out where things should be placed and why, she drew it out and had fun sharing with all of us.
(the list)
The kids have been making things out of boxes lately and this happens to be one of their creations, a car for Isaac (complete with helmet I might add).
Rob practicing with his new Christmas present...a Remington shotgun.
Missin' Molly-Moo. I can't believe how red and furry she's getting this winter.  I love her color. (Peter and Savannah are behind her.) Only 3 more months til breeding.
Molly hangin' out.
A little more Molly-lovin'. (Can you see how small she is for a yearling? Luv it!)
Like father, like son.
(No, Isaac's toy gun wasn't loaded...smile.)
The family egg collector.
Browsing over Lehman's catalog for some fun things to implement in our next home...Lord-willing.
Chicken watching
My sewing nook needed some organizing (per hints of my husband). Sewing bits were scattered all over the house and needed a proper home. It was off to IKEA we went and found a wood shelf that did just the job. Now things have a place, are easy to find and sharp things can be put up high out of the reach of little hands.
Kinda sad seeing this photo as it's the last one taken of "Goliath", our Buff Orphington rooster. He's our fourth rooster we've had and the only one not used for the table (ah-hem). He was found dead this past week and it looked as though he had been strangled by something. Suffocation maybe? He was definitely a cool guy to have around. Something about the crow of a rooster in the morning as we're eating breakfast together. I've always loved it and miss it now.
"He went that-a-way"...Isaac.


Rachel E. said...

I love the pictures! Your Molly is so pretty. And You look fabulous too. :) Sorry to hear about your rooster. Maybe an angry neighbor? You never know. A hawk got one of our hens the other day. The other hens are scared to come out. We are trying to encourage them and thinking of ways to keep them safe.

Sheri Salatin said...

Love the pictures!! :)
Your quilt is beautiful. Please post pics when you get it all done. I'm sure that you will cherish it for years to come.
Your kids are adorable. Congrats on the new one on the way!! Such fun!!