Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby Wearing Mamas...I Need Your Help

This is a post where I'd love your input. You see, as we're approaching the birth of our fifth child, we've been so blessed to accumulate everything we've needed for our babies. We've been given clothing, shoes, hats, toys, furniture and much more. We've had baby showers for the first three and with having our fourth, Isaac, we didn't need anything really. Occasional disposable diapers, wipes, a baby monitor I picked up at a thrift store, etc.
With this sweet babe, I've slowly been checking through things we might need and there's not much. I've checked through my nursing supplies, baby clothes (oh, so cute to look at again) and have come to the conclusion that we don't need much. One thing I would like to accumulate for this wee one though is a baby carrier for newborns specifically.
We have the following three carriers...
This one was given to me by my sister after her baby. Although it does fit a newer baby in it, I've tried putting a newborn in it and am not crazy about it, neck support-wise. A big thing I'm looking at in our future carrier is a nursing hands-free ability. With 4 little ones to tend to, it's nice being hands-free, especially out and about. I've always recommended this carrier for ages 3 months to about 1 year.
The Mei Tai was also a gift and I love using it. It's VERY handy and quite stylish if I may add. Again, I hesitate to use a newborn in it though as you have to bundle up their little legs inside (not dangling out) and I always wonder if they're being crushed as I go about my duties. It's a very snugly carrier though. I recommend it for babies 4 months to about 1 year as well.

This is the third carrier that we splurged on when Norah was born. This is my favorite and although I can't wear it pregnant (won't fit around my expanding waistline), it fits our babes the longest. You can supposedly wear a newborn in it (with an insert), but when I tried this with Norah, it was a hot day out and we had quite the scary moment as I thought she had suffocated in it. Praise God, she was fine, but the carrier was pretty hot and we decided to wait a bit longer until wearing her in it again. The support in this carrier is amazing, placing it all on your lower back and not upper back/neck (like the Baby Bjorn does...always have to have Rob adjust and pull down the cross in the back). When baby hits about 7-8 months and you feel comfortable, you can place baby on your back and that's the age when I can really get things done. My favorite carrier to garden in and baby stays very entertained! Plus, Rob will wear it since it's not a girly, frilly color. (We have the black one.)
Here are the two carriers I'm contemplating and would love your advice on...

This carrier is a long piece of breathable cloth that has multiple ways of carrying. Supposedly, you can nurse baby in it as a newborn. Anyone tried this one?

This one intrigues me as it has extra cloth to cover while nursing. What makes me nervous is that I've heard you have to do some adjusting to find a good fit and get comfortable while holding baby, but that it's great for newborns laying in the sleeping sideways position.
If you've tried either of these two carriers and have a preference, or you've heard good/bad things about them, please leave a comment and help a fellow mama out.


Rachel E. said...

Kelli, I am due to have our sixth child in June. I made a Maya style sling back when I had our fourth. While I like the ability to nurse with no hands, it was very uncomfortable and hurt my shoulders terribly. I would find myself lifting her up constantly to relieve the strain on my back and neck.

The Moby is the one I am looking into for this child because I have seen moms in our church use them and rave about how comfy they are to use. It appears to be adjustable to your body.

I bought the Baby Bjorn for my fifth and found the same issues as you. I also had strain in both shoulders as well as my neck. I also didn't like how my daughter bounced around in it.

I hope this helps.

Melissa Dobson said...

I have a sling carrier (not that particular one) and I love it for quick trips to here or there because it is fast when putting on. However, I adore my moby wrap. I use it at home and when we are out. I put it on and tie it before I leave home so when we get somewhere all I need to do is take the baby out of the car seat and put her in very easy to do with just me. The money wrap was a life saver when she got clingy and colicy. She loves the money too :-) :-) :-)

Katie & Chris & Evie Marie said...

With Eliana I just rolled up a blanket in the bottom of the Ergo, big enough so I could see her face and be sure she could breathe. I folded her legs up to her chest/tummy, and this worked perfect. I have a ring sling, but it always hurt my back, and I never felt like I could get anything done with it.

Abigail said...

I used a sling with my son and loved it. However, my sister used the moby wrap with her last and she raved about it constantly. I actually hope to get a chance to try the moby out one day. I used a baby bjorn with my son, but he was rather pudgy and his legs would turn blue in it, so that was out for me personally.

Katy Nieto said...

i actually got a sleepywrap b/c it is cheaper than the moby wrap. it is the same thing except it is more stretchy than the moby.

i have seen youtube videos of people nursing with it and it seems very doable. i am LARGE up top so i cannot but i used it the most (compared to the rest of my wraps) when my babies (i have 5) are newborns and for trips to the grocery store, doing yard work, working in the garden, fixing supper, etc, etc, etc :)

btw, congrats! i love reading about your family's adventures :)