Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meet "Beau"...Molly's Future Beau

As Molly approaches the age to breed, we've been looking at breeding choices and have decided not to AI her (Artificially Inseminate), but to do things the natural way by picking her out a nice young bull.
Beau is a pure-bred miniature bull and quite the handsome lad.
Although Molly is only half miniature (daddy) and half standard size (mother), we'll be sticking with miniature mates for her since she's more on the small side. This way, there are less chances of complications during birth. Plus, we just like the minis! :)
Although some bulls can get aggressive, he is very friendly. Love his markings.
We had a great time meeting his owners and talking about next month and how we're going to have Molly come stay a week with them in their pasture. We'll be breeding Molly a month early at 15 months instead of 16. Beau's owners also have a miniature yearling "Buttercup" and bred her early as well. No problems so far. This way, our friends who are temporarily keeping Molly for us until the move don't have to babysit her any longer, hoping the standard-sized bulls don't get to her.
 Look at him. Isn't he as cute as can be?
I think they'll make a good couple and Lord-willing, a sweet miniature calf 10 months from now.

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