Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Thoughts...
Monday came too quickly this week. We're having a laid back morning of a cozy breakfast, playing outside and Lego building. The kids love our flexibility when Mom announces "no school today" and I must say, I love it too. {heart}
We've finally finished planting all of our seeds this weekend, testing out the watering system for our small, but quaint garden. We were able to grow three times as much produce in years before when our garden was out back, but we keep running out of sunshine on our shady property. We'll settle for our three, little garden beds this fall. Hoping the neighborhood rabbits (they're multiplying like crazy) don't eat our produce before it gets a chance. I might be hitting Home Depot today to get bird netting to encompass our beds.
Planted: green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cukes and lettuce. If there's room, I'll try some squashes, but I don't think there is.
We got rid of our egg laying chickens (or lack thereof  I should say). We had 19 hens and were getting 1-3 eggs a day. Adios ladies! Our chicks are 4 months old now and should start producing eggs in 2 months. I've learned that you can try to time out chick purchases to overlap when you THINK your older egg layers will be done laying, but it doesn't always work out that way. Oh well. We're ordering eggs through our friends at the farm and they're delicious.
Found this interesting article about "organic" eggs. Interesting. Bottom line, pastured eggs are the best so keep ordering from your local farmers!
Found a great piece of property over the weekend with a barn and small apartment, stream running through it, bridge, approximately 8 acres and good shade trees. Can't wait to see it in person. Hmm...Lord?
Getting excited for some October weddings coming up. Whoo-hoo!!
Did a major clean out this weekend of our backyard and garage. Ripping down fencing, getting rid of things that accumulate after 11 years of marriage and 4 kids. We're not done yet, still have more to do but we're on our way.
Excited about new beginnings and a fresh start.
Enjoyed some cooler weather this morning. Okay, so it was only in the 70s, but that's "cool" for us this time of year. The kids and I threw the schedule out the window this morning and enjoyed just sitting outside, playing, eating breakfast and swinging on the swings. They suggested we build a fire because it was "cold" outside. After my laughter, I suggested we wait until it gets a bit cooler. :)
Enjoyed the beach this weekend. The water is getting cooler little by little. Love the sound of the ocean waves as they crash against the shore.
Blessings to you all this fabulous Monday!


Rachel E. said...

I look forward to hearing about all your future plans in homesteading. You are doing a wonderful thing. I bet you look forward to getting back together with Molly.

Abigail said...

Hope all goes well with the land! The weather has been great here too.Peaking into the mid 70's. Haha, our warm is your morning cool. But its perfect for us up here! I think today might be our random no school day...but more so because I need a down day.

Dobson Family said...

Hope it works out with the land! Although, we will miss you guys :-) I have also said no to school on some days. Sometimes you just have to be productive and clean and bake! We love taking days off to just spend all day baking. I can't wait for the cooler weather too, our fire pit is calling our name!