Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our First Rodeo...Yee-Haw!!!

In our last trip down to the dairy, both families were able to sneak away after evening milking and drive over to the local rodeo. The sky was beautiful, the lights were bright and glamorous, the mud was abundant (hey, it's rainy season here), the hotdogs and sodas were comfort food and the company was precious. After this evening, Lincoln has been even more reassurred that he will in fact become a cowboy. {Cute boy.}
The kids had the best seat in the house.
 Norah, looking on and not quite sure what to think of all these bulls and cowboys.
This picture doesn't do justice as to how beautiful the sky was that evening.
Lincoln couldn't take his eyes off of all the impressive cowboys.

Isaac just enjoyed walking around, observing and getting completely filthy. Poor boy was covered in mud by the time we left. Good times. :)
my girls
Avonlea and I
Isaac watching the fun
Avy and Daddy

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