Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Read to the kids at breakfast yesterday from Matthew 6 about worrying.

It's oh, so easy to read about an area in our lives that we need to work on and even more difficult to put it into practice. Eh-hem, like giving our worries to our Heavenly Father (because that's not me at you sense the sarcasm?).

I worry about...

grocery shopping on a budget {although we know how to provide some of our own food and God has always provided for our needs as He does the sparrows of the air and lilies of the field}

little changes that make their way into our life {although God never gives us more than we can handle}

living out of an RV full-time {although I know that our monthly bills will be next to nothing and we'll be living in wide open spaces with Molly back and even better, healthier, pasture-raised food raised by us...not to mention acres to run, yell, four-wheel and watch sunrises and sets, fishing, picnicking, tree climbing, swimming, BBQing, planting, etc.}

how our children will grow up {although I know that our children are getting the very best education and Christian character training possible}

making new "country friends" and leaving the old "city friends" {although I know that God has already established new families we'll be fellowshipping with and a phone to keep in touch with the precious old ones}

managing a larger farm than the one we have {although I know that God has given us this time of preparation to take our time and read, research and make friends with fellow farmers to gain the knowledge we'll need to make it happen...very excited about this as well as possible opportunities for producing for city co-ops.}

being so far away from my husband as he'll have a LONG commute to work each day {although I know that anything is possible with God and He is in ultimate control as far as income is concerned and will protect us at home}

what water source we'll have {although I know that God will provide this and we know a bit about water filtering and have two systems to help with this that we'll be moving with us there}

my family's health {although I know that God has given us pure, raw food as a healer for our bodies and the amazing nutrients found in good, organic foods can help prevent ailments in the first place, especially when they're home-grown, just picked and full of nutrition}

not having the luxury of a homeschool room {although I'm looking forward to having an outside, covered deck with a large picnic table for doing school while Isaac naps and am feeling so good about getting rid of so many educational things that I was only hanging on to for the memories, not to mention we love making messes with art and science experiments, so nothing a broom can't handle}

the uncertainty of the Middle East and their hate for America ("the Great Satan") {although God's Word tells me how Christians will be the victorious ones through Christ}

the direction of our country and the upcoming election {although I know that the Lord looks out for His chosen, even if our country doesn't bow down and claim Him to be God, my family certainly will}

Worry really is a sin. A precious friend reminded me of this recently and as mothers, I think it's only in our sinful nature that we do this. We worry about the smallest things (although they seem big to us at the time) when we really know that God has it all under His ultimate control. Even if the outcome isn't what we projected, what "our plan A" was or the complete polar opposite of where we see ourselves (maybe even causing some pain and agony), we see comfort in the fact that He disciplines the ones He loves (Proverb 3:12) and will bring us peace through times of pruning. The Lord will place us in just the right soil to see the most fruit.

Give your worry over to the Lord, for it is not ours to bare. Praise Him for that! {smile}

What worries do you struggle with casting out to the Lord?


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Rachel E. said...

I try not to worry. I know I do it anyway. For one, I worry about my husbands new position at work which will send him to war zones. I also worry I won't do a good job for my kids education. I worry I am not a good example to my children. I worry my children won't find a closeness to the Lord. Then I need to remember it isn't me - It's HIM.