Monday, January 23, 2012

I only got two whopping guesses from two sweet readers. :) The answer to what trees were posted a few days ago was almond trees. So many people want to go gluten free these days with the awful processes of how the wheat is being harvested way too quickly and causing some digestive problems among other things. Many are flocking to the almond flour alternative. It's delicious, but goes bad quickly if not kept in your fridge and can actually be quite pricey. The cheapest I've found locally is $12.00 a pound! That doesn't go very far, especially for a family who loves to bake and uses it just about everyday. Call me crazy, but I actually splurged and bought a pound the other day and made some gluten free crepes (with steamed pears and cinnamon) with it just to experiment. They were pretty good, but it's hard going from yummy flour to something different. I'm hoping it'll cut a few pounds off my mid-section as well. {sigh} Four babies in five years does something to a woman, especially a woman who loves to cook and bake! Almond flour is also better for you since it derrives from a nut. Almonds are fabulous for your health. I've thought about purchasing some in-bulk almonds and milling them myself. Maybe I'll slowly accumulate some trees through the years and make clippings to reproduce them. We shall see. Anyway, we all learned our "fact for the day" today. :)

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Rachel E. said...

So there you have it in a nutshell. :-)

Thanks for the information on almond flour. I never knew about it.