Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Spent the Day With Us Today

If you would have spent the day with us today, you would have woken up around 7:15 to a hungry baby.

Nursed the sweet hungry baby in bed.

Chatted with husband about the day.

Embraced goodbyes.

Pitter-pattering feet down the hallway to wave goodbye to Daddy as he pulled away.

Made eggs, toast and tomatoes with some orange juice for breakfast.

Cleaned up spilled orange juice.

Read the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den. Talked about loyalty and what it means. Talked about being loyal to the Lord through prayer.


Turned on music as we cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

Washed dishes as kids played.

Talked to two-year-old about sharing.

Baby played in exersaucer.

Everyone did morning chores (got dressed, brushed teeth, dog fed, hair brushed, etc.)

Put baby down for morning nap.

Let kids watch a 30-minute movie while I snatched a shower.

Texted back and forth about milk co-op (it's our day to get milk).

I got dressed, did my curly hair, brushed teeth, etc.

Started kids on schoolwork.

Finished most of schoolwork.

Kids had a snack (bananas, pears and water).

Baby awake from nap.

Nursed baby and read story to two-year-old, Norah on the couch.

Baby dressed.

Threw compost to chickens (fruit and veggie scraps from yesterday's dinner salad and fruit snack).

Got everyone in the car for a trip to get milk.

Arrived at milk destination (tried a new milk this week from some sweet friends). Had to wait a bit as friends hadn't arrived quite yet. Played games in the car and sang songs. Talked about owning a farm someday. Talked about getting a baby Jersey heifer. Prayed with the kids about our heart's desires and talked about the importance of God's will.
(Love those moments in our day.)

Drove home.

Gave milk to some other sweet co-op friends.

Chatted a bit.

Went inside and made lunch.

Kids rode around on a trike pulling each other and laughing hysterically. (made me laugh)

Blasted some Taylor Swift. Danced with two-year-old and baby.

Ate lunch.

Cleaned up lunch.

Read stories about earthworms and Peter Rabbit.

Talked about ways to show love to each other and not being selfish.

Quiet Time music on.

Baby down for nap.

Two-year-old down for nap.

Oldest two finished up more schoolwork and currently doing Quiet Time.

Gave more milk to co-op friend.

Looking forward to making yogurt and cranberry bread this afternoon. Hoping to fit in some chocolate chip cookies (as requested from 6-year-old).

All is quiet (for now). Reading up on Jersey dairy cows, grasses and costs.

Looking forward to small group tonight. Hoping to come to some conclusions regarding progressive creationism and the sciences behind it.

Looking forward to husband coming home and dinner together.

Now for some Mommy Quiet time. :)

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Dobson Family said...

Sound a bit like our days at least for the next few months. We will see once the baby comes :-) I'm sure we will have some re-arranging to do. The boys make our chocolate chip cookies for us. They do really good...I could send them over sometime :-) Did you ever get to use that vanilla?