Monday, July 25, 2011

A View of What We've Been Up To...

The last pregnant photo at 37 weeks.

Playing doll house with Norah the day before having Isaac.
The work that later wound up on the floor and caused my water to break that night.
Weekly lesson plans I followed and placed into weekly folders. So far, I have August through December mostly planned out. Yipee!
I basically printed out my lesson plan papers (36, one for each week), placed out my workbooks and plans and put everything for that week in that folder. Easy-Peasy!
Norah, Isaac and Rob reading and snuggling.
Daddy and his boy.
Our four precious kiddos. ;)
Isaac posing for his first Mommy photo shoot.
sweet boy
tiny, kissable toes
Early morning sun. I love waking up with Isaac in our bed, watching him snooze away as the sun blares into our window.

First trip to the beach for Isaac. We went in the evening to help with the hot temperatures. He slept the whole time mostly. It was a precious time. Some of you may know that I've lived here in Florida, within minutes of the beach, all my life. It's my sanctuary, especially in the evening. It's always a neat time when we take our children to the beach as infants for the first time.
Hangin' out with mom.
Watching his first sunset (or rather, sleeping through it...tee-hee).
Daddy walking with his four kiddos.
Linc and Norah
Grandma getting some snuggle time with Isaac.
story time
first bath


Rachel E. said...

Kelli, he is adorable!! And you looked fabulous at 37 weeks. Congrats again.

Matthew and Valerie said...

Love all the pictures. Lincoln looks so big compared to Isaac!