Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Again!
As Isaac lays in my lap as I type (it's "quiet time" in our house), I can't believe 3 weeks have passed since he's been born. Sorry for the lack of posts as we've been busy transitioning around here. There have been lots of changes both good and challenging in our house and although it's been a nice break of healing, trying to catch up on sleep, comfort foods, more tv watching than I'd like, visiting with Grandma, later bedtimes, lack of schoolwork and just being lazy, I'm ready for some "normalcy" again. The last of Avonlea's school workbooks should be here this week allowing me to finish up organizing her weekly folders (like this) at least through December. I was able to get back in the garden again this past weekend and it felt good to do some light raking, cleaning out some unused pots and we finally got rid of our broken composter. I'm getting excited for our fall garden! Not too much longer. Just need this heat to die down a bit. When temps reach in the lower 70s at night, we should be able to start some seedlings. Can't wait!

I do have to say that on my behalf, I have definitely made an effort to update our family blog, however both Blogger and our computer have been giving us some issues. Rob finally piddled around with it the other night and now that I can again update, I can't find all my precious pictures of Isaac that have been taken these past few weeks. I'll do some more searching and try again tonight. We recently went to the beach at sunset (Isaac's first time) and I took some awesome pics that I can't wait to share.

Norah has definitely had a difficult time with adjusting to our new addition. She's even gone as far as lightly hitting him! However, she turns right around and says how much she loves him and kisses him all over. I know this is normal for young toddlers, just hard for a mama to watch and try to control. Avonlea has done fabulously with the adjustment. She and Lincoln have both struggled a bit with having Grandma here as now they have 3 adults correcting them, but on the flip-side, there are also 3 adults to love on them and give attention. Avonlea has been enjoying her first few piano lessons. Lincoln has shown such sweet compassion for his little brother. I'm most impressed with his gentleness with him and his passion to protect his new, little buddy. Too cute.

Now if I could just find those pictures!!!! ;)

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