Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, What Do I Do With Wheatgrass?

Due to a sweet, new addition to our family, our indoor garden didn't get the attention we originally wanted to give it. However, we did have a huge success with what you see above...wheatgrass. This stuff is LOADED with nutrients. In fact, you'll see it in health food stores, added to shakes and smoothies for an extra kick of goodness. The thing with wheatgrass is that to obtain the nutrients, you have to change out the soil it grows in. This soil that the wheatgrass grew in will need new soil the next time we plant. We simply dump the used soil into the garden beds (to be treated and restored with good, old-fashioned compost) and place new soil (from our composted beds) into the new trays. Then, the wheat berries are planted (you can buy them in bulk from your local health food store and they're cheap too...hooray for cheap!), covered and watered. We put the trays under the indoor garden lighting (we grow it here b/c it's too hot to grow now in the summer heat...northerners could probably grow it though in their summer gardens) and watch it grow within a few days. It then takes on a new form...

food for our chickens!

Checking things out...hmm.

"This stuff looks good gals. Come have a try."

(Can you see one of our two roosters in the back left corner? He's got more of a larger comb than the ladies do.)

The rabbits love it too!

It's a great source of nutrients when you have limited grazing areas in a city. One more fun fact. If you let this stuff continue to grow to full capacity, yes it will produce more wheat.

Give wheatgrass a try today. ;)

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Rachel E. said...

I thought you were going to eat it. Was there something wrong with it?