Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Back!
Hi friends and family. It's been an interesting week to say the least, but the ultimate prize has been our son Isaac who was born last Sunday morning at 4:41 AM. The past few days have involved recovering, nursing, being up during the night (although out of all 4 of our children, he's been the easiest), spending one on one time with our other three little ones, taking pictures, taking videos, getting adjusted to a head count of FOUR, visiting with friends and family, enjoying wonderful meals from our church family, entertaining older children while I feed our newest and finding time for Rob and I once bedtime hits each night. It's quiet, we turn the lights down around the house and just sit, admiring our newest little creation from God and catch up on our day. He's been off the past week, available to help me with the other three and he's been beyond wonderful...reminding me to take my medications when I always forget, helping keep up the house, taking the older kids out from time to time to give Isaac and I rest and bonding time and we've even managed a date night (including Isaac of coarse, but he just sleeps) after this first week (thanks to Miss Megan!).

So, I'm sure by now you all want to hear the story. Here goes nothin'...

It all started when last Sunday, Rob and I were moving around the schoolroom to make room for Grandma's visit to Florida in a few days. We were cleaning things out, rearranging furniture (him, not me) and I was in charge of filing things and getting the curriculum ready for the next school year (because we all know I'm a planner and am ridiculous about having things ready). So, I was down on the ground Sunday night, maneuvering papers around and putting the proper work in the proper folders for the proper weeks to come. I was leaning over, stretching when I knew I shouldn't have been and not paying attention to my legs which were now becoming a tad swollen from the weird positions on the floor. As I was helping Rob get the kiddos in bed that night, something felt different, but I didn't think much of it. We went to bed at the regular time.

At around 1:30 AM, I woke up in a pool of warm water and it was everywhere. I panicked. I had never gone into labor early with any of our children before and I knew it was my water that had broken. All I remember is that my doctor said to get to the hospital right away if my water broke. So, I woke Rob up and told him what had happened. I noticed the panicked look on his face as well, almost to the point I knew he was thinking, "This isn't supposed to happen for another 3 weeks, and not this way. You're a c-section Ma-ma and I'm not prepared for this!"

He asked what we should do and my first reply was to load the truck with the four small bags I had pre-packed and put into the closet (one bag for me, one bag of snacks and drinks for the kids when they came to visit, one bag for Isaac and another over night bag for the kids just in case something happened). He quickly got dressed, loaded the car and then by that time, I had already called the doctor's office (meanwhile water was still coming out and was everywhere) and they paged my OB and said to go right away. Then, we looked at each other and it was almost in-sync we said, "the kids". We weren't prepared to take three small children whom of which were fast asleep to the hospital with us. Rob's mom was supposed to be here. What were we going to do? I immediately called my parents and it took a few times, but someone answered and they said that they would meet us at the hospital. We weren't sure if I was going to start going into labor or not and we needed to get there on time in case this little guy came quickly.

The kids were great as we handed them off to Grandma and Grandpa (meanwhile, I think Rob ran every red light on the way). We hugged and kissed goodbye and they whisked me away quickly in a wheelchair to the labor and delivery floor where I signed in, filled out a bit of paperwork and they gave me a gorgeous-looking hospital gown, hooked me up to an IV, gave me some nasty oral medicine to help with any nausea and hooked me up to the heart monitor to watch for Isaac's heart rate.

Then, I was taken to the OR where I was given a spinal and they prepped me for the surgery. I was nervous and couldn't wait for my husband to join me. However, he was getting dressed in his (also lovely attire) get-up of hospital clothing and hat. They started the surgery and after a little time of getting through the previous scar tissue (4th c-section), they pulled Isaac out and I immediately shot up prayer to our Heavenly Father thanking him for this precious new addition. I asked that God watch over Isaac and myself as we were both prone to infection and everything was in His hands.

After Isaac was born, Rob got to cut the umbilical cord.
He stayed with Isaac as they took him into the other room to weigh him and clean him off.
But, not without a first visit with Mom and Dad!

As with all of our babies being born, when they're screaming their heads off after coming into the world, when they hear my soothing voice, they immediately stop crying and we have this special moment.

Isaac weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces.

Our first moments together were very special.

He had no problems nursing and caught the hang of things right away.

Sweet baby boy.

This is a few minutes after they wheeled us to recovery. I was able to take a few shots of Rob with Isaac. Proud Pa-pa!

I'm always extremely tired after each delivery and enjoyed a little nap with Isaac. This is me holding him for the first time.

More napping.

Seeing his little body for the first time.

The following day, we had visitors. My mom (left to right), Norah, Aunt Sarah and Avonlea.

Cousin Gracey, Isaac, Avonlea and Uncle Nate.

Watching Avonlea snuggle with Isaac. Her nurturing and mothering instincts immediately took over when she held him.


Norah and "Bay-Bruder".


After a warm shower, Isaac and I had some snuggle time as we waited for the 4th of July fireworks to start. Our hospital room is right off the ocean's coast and we got the most amazing view of all of the beach firework displays that evening. What a special time for the three of us (Mom and Dad had the kids).

Here is the view from my hospital room window. I always kept my blinds to my room open so that I could see what was going on in the bay. Lots of boats, fishermen, tourist boats, fireworks and the most special sight each night was the sunset.

Isaac and I have been home now for a few days and we're just in the beginning stages of settling down. There have definitely been some touch-and-go moments with all four kids, but for the most part, it has been wonderful. They love him so much and as Lincoln always asks, "Mom, can we keep him forever and ever?" "Yes, sweet boy", I say.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and sweet comments. I hope that it's not too long before I post again, but I may not exactly be as quick with posts in the next few weeks, but you all know why. :)

Blessings to you all!


Rachel E. said...

Sounds so beautiful...even for a c-section. And your view was a good one too. Glad to hear you are all settling in. Take it easy and don't worry about posting. Enjoy your little ones.

The Dryden Family said...

Welcome to the world- Isaac! Kelli- well done!! Rob - fantastic job keeping it all together!! We are sending Grandma on her way to you in the morning (sniff)! We have loved having her with us and I'm sure you all will inejly your time with her as well.


2 Giggle Boxes said...

I loved reading birth story! Congrats on your precious baby boy! He is beautiful!

true blessings said...

Congratulations Kelli and family.Blessings to all!!!