Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Fashioned Play

I got
this article from a friend and thought is was so neat, hence why I'm sharing today. The article talks about how important it is to just let children play.

Sometimes, okay, a lot of times, we as parents focus WAY TOO MUCH on structured play, "safe" toys, how many activities are children are involved in, when in reality, sometimes it's best just to let them explore and be kids!

We rush them to and from school, to and from karate practice, rush home to get homework done, a quick, convenient dinner made, getting things by the door for the next day and it's off to bed they trud.
It's okay to let them get dirty and not wear shoes,

or to play with sticks. We just need to model the correct and incorrect way to do it!

It's okay to let them play in the mud and no, we don't have to use hand sanitizer all the time.

The more we home-educate our children, the more I realize exactly how important this creative play truly is and I thank the Lord for it!

Try this...count up how many hours your children are engaged in the following things and you'll see where your priorities are:

1. school

2. homework

3. music lessons

4. sports

5. other activities

6. devotions

7. praise time with family

8. children's church...(Evaluate this time carefully.

Is it just a social hour or is there genuine learning and praise/worship taking place here?)

9. exercise

10. tv time

11. computer time

12. video game time (This is one we have no interest in having in our home for awhile.

Grandparents have been warned as far as birthday and Christmas presents go.)

13. for older ones...time talking on the phone or texting (you'd be surprised!)

14. outside play...child-lead, not structured or adult-lead

15. running errands or "in the car" time shuffling around

There are so many other positive things that I could list here, but I only threw in a few to get the general idea. Seriously, make a list of these 15 things and see where your family members stand in terms of time.

Colossians 4:5

"Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time."

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