Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love...

watching my children dance together,
the way my husband embraces us when he gets home,
the middle of the day quiet time when I can let it "all sink in" and praise God for His blessings,
our lovely weather today,
how Norah talks oh, so adorably,
how ratty and worn my Bible looks, but how precious it is to me,
bare footed children,
snuggling and reading books,
our garden and what it's growing,
how ambitious my Avonlea is,
how curious my Lincoln is,
how tender my Norah is,
phone calls with Mom and Dad,
big family dinners,
how fresh grass smells after it's cut,
good food,
feeling flutters of our second son,
fresh, clean laundry,
my curly hair (even though there are days when I wish I could change it...tee hee),
our mom's group,
homeschool co-op group,
wild flowers,
praise music,
my husband's piano playing and singing,
family both near and abroad,
my Heavenly Father who gave THE ultimate sacrifice for me to have eternity in heaven. I've never had anyone actually give their life for me before and HE amazes me everyday at His awesomeness and LOVE.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Judy said...

Galatians 2:20 ...the Son of God who loved Me and gave Himself up for ME.

Be still my heart!