Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicken/Rabbit Tractors

Okay, so I never really got to elaborate on the big "why" of our three, new rabbits. Well, not only have the kids been asking for bunnies for forever, but since our lovely nemotode outbreak in our garden, we've needed some extra sources of organic material, preferrably in the form on manure, to heed them away. So, although our immediate responce to rabbits for Christmas was a "no", it was starting to look like a good idea. The kids wanted adorable, furry pets to love and hold because let's face it Riley is too big to hold and the chickens aren't exactly furry and cute. Rabbits it is!

They have been wonderful since we got them. All three have never scratched or bitten the kids, they lay like a baby in your arms and let you pet them until your heart's content, they aren't much work and they love living outside in the awesome hutch Rob built for them. There's a pull out drawer where we can just take the manure and dump it into the garden and/or composters. I'm still a little nervous about planting our spring garden, so that's why I did pots with store-bought soil a few weeks ago. More on that later.

Anyway, we've been able to cut down on their feed by letting them graze on grass from the front yard and they LOVE it.

Here's us last Saturday...

From left to right: "Snowflake", "Lightning McQueen" and "Flopsy".

Avonlea took this picture and since it's rare that you get a glimpse of me,

thought I'd throw it in. :)

Avonlea watching her rabbits in the chicken/rabbit tractor. They love the Rye grass Rob put down weeks ago.

This is what happends when two children get the idea to JOIN the rabbits in the chicken/rabbit tractor!

Riley wants in too, can you tell? Um, no.

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