Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Garden
I took a few pictures of what's been growing in our garden lately. Nothing spectacular, but as our garden beds are "resting", I've resorted to using pots and store-bought potting soil for our veggies this spring. I did plant a few green beans in our Nemotode-infested soil (in the raised beds)to see if we've managed to get rid of a large majority of them and things can grow successfully. We shall see. I do have some beans sprouting, but we'll see how big they actually get. If they grow to a normal size, I'll know that I can trust the soil again for next fall's garden. Maybe some early summer okra too.

But for now, pots is is!

A few different kinds of lettuce and some broccoli.

Some tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, leeks, green beans and onion started. These will be transplated into pot only until the soil can be trusted.

Had to take a picture of our beloved chickens! We're getting roughly 10-11 eggs per day from our 15 laying hens. Our numbers have gone up, thank the Lord! It's been nice to actually sell some eggs lately, gaining money for our grain. Can't wait for the 3rd week in March when we acquire our new baby chicks!!!

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