Sunday, June 8, 2008


Rob and I had such a nice, relaxing weekend full of rest as well as getting some things done around the house/yard. I did some gardeing, planting and landscaping and Robbie mowed the grass and planted some grass seed in our front yard. He got in plenty of PS2 football and I actaully got in a nap today.

After our much-needed rest, we all headed out to a beach that's only 5 minutes down the street and sought out some fishing. We were enjoying ourselves, but after only 15 minutes of "fishing" (no one caught anything!), the rain clouds were covering us and we got to the car just in time for it to downpour. We headed home and watched the rain fall from the back porch, ordered in a pizza and watched "Robin Hood" (Avonlea's first time). The rain eventually subsided and I got an urge to plant some plants I got the other day.

With the kids in bed, Rob and I watched a movie and I finally got some scrapbooking done. What a wonderful and restful weekend. Next weekend, we'll be busy getting a room ready for Rob's mom who will be flying in from China to stay for two months. Exciting things are in the works! We are so BLESSED!

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The Mckinleys said...

Your weekend sounds like "Heaven"! Rob's mom lives in China?