Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"First Steps" and "Riley's Back"

A few new happenings in the Bates house this week. For starters, our son is walking! He turns one on the 11th (next week) and he's getting quite daring as far as taking steps. He mostly takes steps to something that's interesting or something he wants (Mommy/Daddy, food, the camera, etc.). The most steps he's taken are about 4. He's growing up so fast! It's amazing how fast the first year flies by. I know you fellow mothers can relate.
Secondly(and not as exciting), our Golden Retriever, Riley, has been an inside dog her whole life with an exception for the past few months. Due to the fact that we had construction going on in our house back in September to January, Riley had some "living quarters" built for her out back (aka: a fence) and it's been quite an adjustment for her. Well, let's just say that she got a good scrub-down on Monday as well as an ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, new tag (somehow the old one got lost) and I made her a vet appointment to get a checkup. She was so excited to get back in the house and play with the kids again. Another reason we haven't brought her in sooner is because Lincoln is a human vacuum. He eats everything off the floor (including dog fur!!!) so now that he's growing out of that stage and walking around more, I thought it would be a good time to bring Riley back inside. So, welcome back Riley girl!
Goofin' around!

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The Mckinleys said...

We have a "Roxie girl". She was put outside when Brannon was born, and then shipped to Granny & Papa's in the country for about 2 years. We brought her back about 2summers ago to spend her "retirement" days in South Florida. She is indeed getting old as the vet told us this week, but she is loved and enjoying every minute of "retirement"!