Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome Butterfly and Responsibility

Our butterfly emerged from his/her chrysalis this afternoon and is getting used to his/her wings. Not flying yet, but I'm sure there will be some fluttering around later today. =) I was at our local home improvement store yesterday getting some plants for our front yard and I grazed by the butterfly section of the gardening area to look at the milkweed plants for caterpillars or eggs. Low and behold, there were SO many that of coarse, I had to embark on just a few more (okay, I took 29!). They don't want those pesky caterpillars eating their plants anyway right? =) So, we currently have 1 butterfly, 1 caterpillar big enough to create a chrysalis, 8 more little caterpillars and 28 eggs (1 hatched last night). I'm telling you, I should go into the business!! I'm just glad I didn't fork out a million bucks for this experiment, Avonlea gets to learn about metamorphasis and our butterfly garden will soon be full of butterflies!

Avonlea has a new responsibility chart which I made last week. She's learning how to do things on her own lately and isn't keen on being independant...which is hard to believe for a first child! Anyway, she's perfectly capable of getting dressed (for the most part) by herself, brushing her teeth (with a follow up from Rob or I), brushing her hair, getting her shoes on, etc., but I'm not sure if it's a regression due to the fact that we do everything for Lincoln. It's a work in progress. =)


Matthew and Valerie said...

Maybe you should start selling caterpiller eggs! Not to me, of course, though I already know your secret source of free eggs!

Peggy said...

Steve is inspired by your blog. He wants to make a butterfly enclosure like you have if and when we ever sell our house and move. At that time I am sure I will be asking you for input