Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day, 2008

Rob had a great Father's Day this year and I felt like I could actually plan for it and do some fun things for him this year. Last year, I had JUST had Lincoln (a few days before) so there wasn't anything crazy planned. This year, I was able to cook him breakfast, take on all "kid duties" (diaper changes, dressing them, bath, etc.) and we visited my parents' house for dinner. Happy Father's Day Rob! We love you.

Father's Day breakfast...scrambled eggs, blueberries, smoked sausage and Pillsbury cinnamon buns. Nothing like a good, hardy breakfast to start Father's Day.

Here are the homemade cinnamon buns (Rob's favorite) that didn't rise and wound up in the trash. =( There was effort there folks!

Here's Avonlea learning how to ride a bike. The first few times, she was quite wobbly, but she's really getting the hang of it now and loves to go for rides around our block. We recently bought one of those bike trailers in which you can tow kids behind an adult bike. Both kids can fit, but Avonlea prefers riding her own bike.

Opening gifts with Papa.

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