Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lincoln's First Birthday Party

MY CAMERA IS BACK...YEAH!!!Yesterday we had Lincoln's first birthday party. Although his birthday was actually on the 11th, we decided to have his party later so that Grandma Bates could be here. She flew in from China last Monday and we're definately enjoying her company, hearing her China stories and spending time with her this summer. The party was small and family only, but we had so much fun and it wasn't too over-stimulating for Lincoln. He was able to take his normal morning nap and then wake up to greet family, have a party and get tired out for his second afternoon nap. Perfect! =) Thanks to all who came to show your love and support for our little guy. He means so much to us and the fact that you all played a part in celebrating was special. Enjoy the pictures!

Here's the cake I made for the party. It was a double layered, chocolate cake and for last minute, it turned out pretty good. I found the little jungle animals at the dollar store of all places!

Diggin' in to some cake!

The Linkster got his first Little Tikes baseball tee/bat and basketball hoop. We've spent hours playing in his room and the fact that he sets his baseball on the tee, grabs his bat and hits it off is so neat!

Opening gifts and reading cards

Papa and Lincoln sharing some laughs


Matthew and Valerie said...

I'm sure your family loved celebrating with you. The cake you made is gorgeous! It looks professionally done!

Bush Family said...

Great job on the cake Kel! I still cannot believe he is one!

Miss you guys!