Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Boardwalk and Beach at Sunset

Tonight, we headed out to the boardwalk for some dolphin watching (we always see so many), icecream and then to the beach for the sunset. It was so nice out and although we were scared we might get stuck out in the rain (there was a storm brewing close...see the grey, storm clouds in the pictures), we still headed out to the beach afterwards for some splashing in the waves and building sand castles. Despite the clouds, the sunset was beautiful (as always) and just the smell of the ocean and the breeze in my hair was enough to take away all the "Mommy Stress" of the day. What a blessing it is to live 5 minutes away from the beach. I always feel so belittled and amazed at how large God really is when I see the ocean and it's greatness.
Watching dolphins at the boardwalk. Grandma and Avonlea playing in the sand. The Linkster playing in the sand


Matthew and Valerie said...

What a fun evening out. I wish we lived closer to the beach!

He is our Peace! said...

What fun! I understand the feeling of God's greatness when by the ocean! :) How fun to see a picture of Judy! :) Is she back to stay?