Monday, May 26, 2008

The VERY Hungry Caterpillar

If you read my previous blog entry, you know that we just got back from an Orlando/St. Augustine vacation (Note to self...take an actual vacation to St. Augustine and not just a two-hour visit. There's so much to do and see. The history is amazing.). When we got home, we 1. unpacked the car, 2. started the laundry and
3. fed and gave water to all our animals. As I looked into the babyfood jar and saw our Monarch caterpillar, I couldn't believe how BIG he grew! He grew more than five times his size in just 4 days! I had to take a picture. He also is outgrowing his babyfood jar, so we gave him a new home in a little bug cage we had in the garage. We'll continue to fill it with a little water and Milkweed leaves until he decides to form a chrysalis. Avonlea is so interested in this experiment we're doing with him. I feel like he almost needs a name...any suggestions?

Our caterpillar's new home


The Mckinleys said...

Hey Kelli, Dinah McKinley here! Just wanted to say, your blog is great! I checked it about a month or so ago, and not again until now - it looks awesome! We also have had caterpillars this year - we had 5 monarch butterflies all hatch, healthy, and released a few days later. This is one of the kids fave things to do every spring. Now we have tadpoles we brought home from Alabama this weekend. We will see how they do! See you at church~ Dinah :)

The Mckinleys said...

Our blog link is

Matthew and Valerie said...

I love to go to St. Augustine and just walk around. At least it's just a 30 min trip for us from Jacksonville, so I don't mind if we just stay for a couple of hours. There is a lot to do, though!

Tate Family said...

Thanks for the comment! :) Glad to have you as a blog visitor. Actually, Jenny was the one who designed my header. Doesn't she do a fabulous job??