Friday, May 30, 2008

For Samuel

I had a nice surprise when I opened my mailbox the other day and thought I would share it with all of you. My nephew from England, Samuel, created a "Flat Stanley" and decided that Stanley should come spend a week or so with us here in America. We were so excited because this will be our second experience with a Stanley from England as my niece Abigail, Samuel's older sister, sent us her Flat Stanley a few years ago as well. We can only hope that since there is yet another Dryden, Aleah, we might have a chance at a third Flat Stanley visiting us here in the US. =) Here are some pictures of Stanley's adventures with us here in Florida.

Here is a picture of Stanley when I discovered him in the mailbox at our house. He was pretty tired from his travels, so after a cup of tea and a little nap, he was ready for some adventures.

The first thing Stanley wanted to do when he arrived is climb trees in the backyard. He was rather good at it too! He climbed pretty high one time and I had to rescue him, but that didn't scare him. He continued to climb trees and seek new adventures.

Stanley was very interested in helping out with the gardening so we put him to work pulling weeds and raking. I found it interesting that although the rest of us were sweating out in the sun that afternoon, Stanley remained cool and wasn't sweating a bit!

Uncle Robbie decided that Stanley needed to help earn his keep so he put him to work mowing the lawn. Stanley did a pretty good job with the exception of a few missed spots.

Stanley was so tired from all of his adventures that he found himself a shady spot in the backyard and took a nap. He'll be heading back to England shortly and will have much to share about his travels to Florida.

Thanks Samuel for sharing your Flat Stanley with us. We'll be sending him back to you this week. I'm sure you're enjoying wrapping up your studies in school so you can pack your suitcase and fly to Florida to visit us soon. We love you!

Uncle Robbie, Auntie Kelli, Avonlea, Lincoln, Riley, Fur and "the caterpillar"


The Dryden Family said...

Thanks guys, it looks like FS is having a great time! I'm glad you put him to work so that he could earn his keep!

Matthew and Valerie said...

You are such a good aunt taking care of Flat Stanley! I'm sure Samuel will enjoy hearing all of his adventures.

The Dryden Family said...

Samuel's class enjoyed reading about FS in class the other day. Each class has an 'interactive whiteboard' so I gave the teacher your blog address and she showed the whole class Samuel's Flat Stanley's adventures!! He (Sam) was very proud!!!! THANKS AUNTIE KELLI!!!