Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First "Official" Haircut for Avonlea

Avonlea received her first "professional" haircut on Sunday. I have always trimmed her hair since she was a baby, but she was in desperate need of some sort of style so we took her to a little place in the mall and had it cut there. She did REALLY well actually. I thought she might flip out, but she remained calm and I just kept her busy asking her questions about the animals on her smock. She entertained the lady that was cutting her hair with a few songs. I swore I would never result to bribery and mind you, I've never used bribery until now, but I did promise her an icecream cone if she sat still for the lady (they refuse to cut any child's hair if they aren't sitting properly the whole time...should've asked about that before we went!). Although I wanted a little bit more of a style, it still looks cute and she looks much more grown up now. It was a fun experience, but I think I'll stick to trimming it myself for awhile. $15.00 a pop adds up every other month!

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He is our Peace! said...

I loved the big yawn! Too, cute!