Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best Husband in the World

So, those of you that read my entry on Friday know that it's been a tough week. Of coarse, I say "tough", meaning for me. There are always others in the world worse off than I am so sometimes I need to ask God to help me suck it up. Anyway, I am not a big crier, so when I do cry, Rob knows that something is difficult for me. He knew I had had a bad day and came home with these beauties. Daisies are my favorite flower (they're so cheery and friendly!) and my heart melted when I saw them.

The night didn't end there. We had booked a babysitter for the evening and were able to get out to LeRoy Selman's to eat. We had never been there so it was fun trying something new. We enjoyed the rest of the evening just being alone without any little ones to tend to.
What a perfect ending to a stressful week. =)


A bit about us... said...

Holy cow a lot has happened since I checked this last! A haircut, flowers and a strawberry festival...how fun. I would love some fresh strawberries right now! How fun!

A bit about us... said...

It is really not as exciting as you would think. I sing praise and worship at church. I guess we have always called it band practice. I did play the flute though! ;-)