Friday, April 4, 2014

Goin' Country...
How To Name Your Farm Or Ranch
Okay, so we're not exactly "settled" just yet on our new property. We're still in the city, but are just waiting on our temporary power pole to be put in as well as our well. Most of the house (with the exception of our everyday things and things that will go into the camper) is packed into boxes awaiting moving day. We did have a moment a week or so ago where we thought our process might be elongated, however things are right back on track and the house has already begun being built.
Our barn and cow stalls have been completed so we have the chicken coop and fencing to be put up before we can move the animals. Then begins the job of starting a pasture and my favorite part...THE GARDEN. {smile} If all goes well, we should be able to have a fall garden up this year which I am looking forward to very much. Although I'd like to jump in and plant a whole acre, we'll be taking things slowly at first, adding on as to not exasperate ourselves.
Which leads us to the question...What do we name our farm?
We have had a few ideas swirling, but haven't settled on anything just yet. I've been enjoying reading THIS POST and gathering ideas.
This is where we would love YOUR input! {grin}
If you have a creative name for our new farm, we'd love to hear it!
To give you a little background, here are a few things you should know about our property...
1.) It's virgin ground; never been settled before.
2.) There is no water feature (yet...we're studying permaculture and how to begin creating some)
3.) We have lots of oaks and pines on the property as well as hog plum trees.
4.) We'll be using it for homesteading. It's not going to be a "hobby farm" or a farm producing one, single product, but a multi-faceted farm (dairy cows, gardens, chickens for meat and eggs, bees, orchard, pigs, etc.).
5.) We really feel that this farm was given to us by God. The specifics that needed to work out for us to get this property and home were nothing short of God Almighty. He knew our hearts. We're so undeserving of His mercies and blessings. We're praying that as we strive to be trusted with little, He'll trust us with much. So many days when we don't feel worthy, when we mess up and He still somehow entrusts us with things.
6.) We don't really want to use our last name.
Okay, so...
READY, GET SET, GO! Let's hear those names!!!

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rootsong said...

Naming your farm is so fun. :) It's funny, we spent a long time on ours- we made lists, took votes, and then even changed the name we picked and in the end went right back to my favorite which had been the name of our homeschool all along! (Rootsong) lol!

If I had to do it all over again, I'd try to come up with a farm name just like I come up with our baby names. I make a big list of all my favorite names, words, syllables, sounds even. Then I start mixing them all up. That's actually how I named our homeschool many years ago. I had the words song and root on my long list of nature-y words I loved. I just mixed them around until I found one I loved and that didn't have a zillion matches when Googled. :) I like words like heritage, heirloom, folk, tradition.... and words like grace, abundance, blessing. Some farm names I've come across and loved were Graceful Acres, Gathering Together Farm, Folkways Farm, Dancing Roots Farm. Good luck with your farm naming! :)