Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Few, Fun Glimpses...
Seeing that my camera's automatic focus has been preventing me from documenting anything we're up to these days, my friend asked if she could stop by to have some photography practice the other day and of coarse I said, "Sure!" So she got to follow our busy crew around for about an hour, snapping away. Thought I'd share just a few, fun glimpses of life around here. {smile}
This little man is going to be ONE next month {sniff}.

...and this "little one" has thus far killed THREE of our chickens. Let's just say that our new chicken coop will be "Ranger Proof". Grr...

My little helper these days.

And my big helper!

Our rabbit's first litter of kits, born 7 weeks ago. The kids have really enjoyed watching them grow.

These precious feet have not shown any promise of walking soon and that's just fine by this mama! Slow and steady little one.

Appearing "shy", but don't let him fool you! He's anything but.

Avy and sweet Mabel, who are both growing like weeds. Avonlea is addicted to these girls.

In the playhouse Rob built. One thing the kids will miss when we move.

The crew.

Sweet Riley still holdin' on. I don't think she'll pass until she finally gets her wide open spaces and then, we have a shady spot under a tree picked out for her to "rest".



Rachel E. said...

Great pictures. Our dog held on for a few months of being a pup again. When we moved to Lithuania in 2007, she did really well. Loved the cooler weather. Then she got sick and we had to put her down.

Jana said...

Beautiful photographs! Love capturing those memories. Time goes by so fast, I feel like when I blink anymore my kids grow and change so much! Thanks for sharing yours!

rootsong said...

I have been enjoying your blog so much! Ever since you commented on mine a little while back, I've been surfing through yours, reading back and clicking on your links and having a grand ol' time! :)I had the children watch your St. Patrick video because it was way better than the one I had found on you tube. Thanks for sharing it. I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

rootsong said...

Kelli, awhile back (I think more than a week now)I left a few comments on your blog. I hope they didn't get lost! Perhaps your spam folder ate them? What I had said was that I have really been enjoying your blog! And I rambled a bit about farm naming. ;)

I hope all is well with your cute family! :)