Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer of 2013...Playin' Catch Up
This summer has been full of critter catching,

story telling,

and Revolutionary War birthdays (Lincoln, Norah and Isaac).

Norah turned 4

My sweet friend lovin' on Titus

Avonlea in her Revolutionary War attire

and Norah and "M" too

Papa attempting to organize a piñata line

1 - 2 - 3 - swing!

bashful Norah as we sing

Isaac turned 2

boy cracks me up as he loves to "drive" Daddy's truck

foraging at our property...found hog plum trees which are edible and great for jams and jellies


Meeting the men to clear our land, 1 and 1/2 acres of the five...I dislike having to cut down the beautiful trees, but we have plenty of them and pasture is a must having cattle and poultry.

my new 1889 to figure out the bobbin

lunch with friends

Titus and Mommy

Titus and his first piano lesson

Norah (4)in her "grow with me" picture (my wedding dress)

...and Avovnlea (7)

Norah with two of our four new bunnies

mozzarella making

fox grape foraging...also for grape jelly

Avonlea at our friends' 16th birthday party

celebrating with friends

my grain mill...experimenting with lots of bread recipes

drawing out Scripture has been so helpful (for the kids and myself)

my wonderful husband building Molly's fence

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Rachel E. said...

I love it! Great pictures. There is always so much work involved in moving and owning a home and property. Wow!

Your kids are lovely. Oh, and Molly! She is sooooo beautiful. I can't believe how she has changed and I am so thrilled to see you finally got her back.

We are preparing for a horse this month. Hubby has been working overtime on a fence. It has been nice to see him take a break for a few days. I got on him about not resting any.

So, am I correct? Do you live in an RV? I seem to recall you saying you were. I think that was a bold move and a great one. It really puts life in perspective. :)