Sunday, September 22, 2013

For Our Children's Sake...Part I
(Ruth Beechick and Debbie Strayer)
I've always looked at this blog as a means to share with others what has been occurring in our life as a family, how the Lord is pruning us, taking things out of our life that don't bring us closer to Him and implementing things that do.

 I love how the growth process works as I observe others, friends, family and the gleaning from one another that we do. Certain things have helped me along as a home educating mother and I love sharing what I've gleaned, passing it along to others who could benefit.

I remember when I first presented the thought of home education to my husband. He wasn't so fond of the idea, but as the years have passed, he's just as on board as I am and has seen the benefit of discipling our children and shaping their character at home. He is my biggest supporter, cheerleader and is always willing to pitch in wherever needed. He's also been known to dig in and participate, getting his hands dirty as we're learning.

School has started and I'm so moved to share some of the things that the Lord has been doing in my own life via some amazing Titus 2 women who were amazing educators, who had a love and a respect for children and their learning process, as well as the Lord.

I share in hope that it will touch others and move others the way these women have moved me.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate example in the area of teaching. The way he spent so much time with his disciples, training them and then releasing them.

The three main women that I consider heroes in the world of learning and education are Charlotte Mason, Ruth Beechick and Debbie Strayer.

(Charlotte Mason)

Charlotte Mason lived in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Charlotte died in 1923 and Ruth was born in 1925, both never knowing each other or one another's philosophies, but both carried the same values, philosophies and faith in the Lord. Debbie Strayer has recently touched my heart and has taken a huge weight off my shoulders in coming alongside my children in their learning journey. She was personally mentored by Ruth Beechick and was able to put her discoveries and thoughts down on paper and into books for other educators to benefit from.

 I recently bought her workshop cd from the FPEA's 2013 Homeschool Convention entitled "How To Teach Your Children Naturally". I wasn't able to attend her workshop and thank her in person, but after listening to her workshop via cd, I was so moved to contact her and at least tell her thank you. I Googled her name and was devastated by what I read.

She had recently passed away.

How was I going to thank this woman who had just inspired me in a way I had never been inspired? What could I do to honor her death? I got a pencil and paper and began to listen to her cd again, jotting down notes from her workshop to spread to others who so desperately need to hear her words of encouragement. I thought I'd pass on her ideas and thoughts, experiences and passions on my own blog, honoring her life and spreading her love and inspiration for children and how they learn.

...and you'll have to tune in for the rest of the story during the next post.  {smile}

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