Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweet Titus
You're two months old now and growing like a weed. You're sleeping from 10pm til 5am and then back down for another few hours giving Mommy lots of sleep.

You're not as fussy with each passing week and you rolled over for the first time  yesterday (front to back). You love sleeping on your tummy and adore being talked to by your siblings.
You look just like your Daddy and have the greatest smile (none of which I've been able to truly capture since the camera flash catches you off guard). You're getting better at sitting in your carseat and being worn by Mommy.
You love being outdoors and swinging with me on the playground swing. I'm so thankful for what a blessing you are to our family and to think we would've missed out on knowing you. You are such a gift. 

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Rachel E. said...

He's adorable. It is hard to believe he's two months already. Our little Hannah was born on June 18. Goes by so quickly.