Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Happenings Around Here
On our recent trip up to our property, we found that these beauties were in full bloom EVERYWHERE. They were gorgeous and come in multiple colors. They're called "Annual Garden Phlox" and are easily propagated. I bought some seeds from Amazon which I will try planting as well as these vased flowers which I was blessed enough to get the roots. They've survived without a hitch in a vase of water all week. Quite impressed!

Homemade cranberry bread is one of our family's favorites

Titus's first time in his sling. Took to it very well, especially since he protests his car seat. I've never had a baby that didn't like a drive in the car, but this little guy despises it.
Norah and Titus
Grandma's last day...what a blessing it was to have her with us serving and helping. Don't know what we'd do without her!!
A new game the kids have become obsessed over...chess.
A rare picture of all five kids...morning snuggles. I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Avonlea and Norah got invited to their first tea party. It was so sweet to see all the girls dressed up enjoying time with one another. The boys were so sweet to serve the ladies.
 Norah's not too sure about boys just yet.  :)

Eggs...coming out our ears! We're so blessed to get a full dozen or more a day now.
We have two broody hens and this lovely lady is the aggressive one.
I just adore our sweet, little milk co-op. I love getting to know all of the families, their stories and hearing about what's going on in their lives. Some are believers. Some are not. I love how our family gets to share the Lord with them from time to time and what He's doing in our life. I love their passion for good, raw, wholesome food that we don't have to pay a middle-man for. I love when they get to meet our good friends that run Jersey Acres, the actual farmers that deliver their food. I love sharing recipes with others and the closeness we're developing.
More lovely ladies

There's nothing like fresh eggs
Our family got into the "spring mood" this past weekend and spruced up the backyard with some flowers. Hanging baskets are a chicken owner's best friend as they can't reach them to pluck the fragrant flowers out. We've learned the hard way with keeping things down low. A chicken will eat just about any foliage that you don't want them to eat.
A better picture of our quilt

Sweet Isaac

Precious babe

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Rachel E. said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Titus is adorable. So are all your kids. The milk is amazing! Oh to have access to raw milk here without paying a fortune. Ugh! 8-9 dollars a gallon is not a good deal when you drink about 6 gallons a week.

I will agree with you on the eggs. There is nothing like fresh eggs. On a good day, we get 7 or 8. We have 8 hens. There are 20 chicks in the new coop, but too young to lay right now. When they are old enough, we will have 15 hens. That's about how many we eat at one time.