Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Land
 It's official...we've found our land. A contract is pending and closing is almost here!
Going from a large city to a small, country town is going to be an adventure for sure and we're nervous, but completely ready for it. Years of "What do you want us to do, Lord?" "Where do you want us to go, Lord?" prayers have been said and answered. God has truly blessed us and we pray that this endeavor would be God-glorifying and this land would be used to do what HIS plan is for creation and stewardship to serve others.
 It's 5 acres of wooded beauty,
critters lurking about (and in hiding),

winding paths every-which-way, but yet lots of brush in other areas.

Lots of tall trees (pines and oaks mostly) full of wildlife and beautiful bird sounds (and no, you can't hear cars or machines with the exception of a driving neighbor or tractor),
logs to jump over,
and nature to explore together,

 some shady spots and some spots that need clearing and sunshine for a garden and pasture (Lord, provide wisdom on this one as I've been researching pasture grasses and care for weeks),

and many possibilities to come.
We're so blessed and are looking forward to signing the dotted line. There is no water source thus far, but the Lord knew that we would need water (let's just say it was a BIG ONE on our list) and although we don't have an above-ground water source (creek, pond) YET (it can be built), the Lord delivered and our nearest neighbor has been a well-digger for 30+ years. What are the chances of that? Only God. Only God.   :)


Rachel E. said...

How exciting! Five acres of wooded land. It's beautiful. And, judging by the looks of the youngest in a onesie, it's warm where you are. :)

Abigail said...

Kelli, congratulations! What an exciting step! The land looks beautiful and to have such an nice place to start on those hopes and dreams God gave yas! It's exciting when things line up so smoothly.