Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In the Garden
Cauliflower going to seed. We were able to get a few heads of cauliflower this spring with the little cold weather that we had, but once warmer weather hit (EARLY), everything has really gone to seed. But you know what? I'm not crying over it. Taking this opportunity to learn more about seed saving.

Got a few broccoli heads as well (delish), but the rest went to seed due to warmer weather. Here is the broccoli in it's last stage before browning and ready for hang drying and collecting. LOVE how many seeds we're getting. Used a type called 'Pricicaba' that is great for Florida's warmer weather.

Here's some broccoli in the beginning flowering stage. I just love the way broccoli flowers. If I could re-do my wedding, I'd love to use some of these gorgeous flowers for bouquets. Also love all the precious pollinators it brings. I could sit out there for hours just watching the honey bees "do their thang". So fun.

A few mangoes coming excited. None of our mangoes came through last year due to our trees being so small, as well as a large storm that came through and wiped out all our "babies".

A few apple blossoms. Yes, we can grow certain varieties in our tropical climate that have been grown to adapt. We had a few select apples last year, but the pesky squirrels ate the rest before we could put netting over the trees. This type is called "Anne Apple" and tolerates the heat just fine, especially since our springs aren't too hot.

My favorite pole beans called 'Rattlesnake Beans'. They are a green bean but with purple stripes going down the bean. When you steam them, the purple stripes disappear, but boy are they JUICY! I've never bought another type of green bean after trying out these high producing, heat-tolerating, juicy ones. These are drying out for fall's garden.

A few bits of lettuce trying to hold on.

A large picture of the broccoli flowering.

Lettuce seed, before I bagged and labeled it.

Lettuce (Buttercrunch) going to seed and spreading.

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Rachel E. said...

Cool! It sounds pretty easy to allow plants to go to seed for collecting. However, I not sure how to keep squirrels from my fruit when it comes in a few years. Any ideas? We have a ton of squirrels.