Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Schoolroom This Year

I took these photos at the beginning of the school year this year and never got to show them. I always love seeing others' school rooms and enjoy soaking up new and different ideas, gleaning from others' creativity. Although ours is  nothing fancy, I thought we'd share.
This bookcase got moved to the living room awhile ago. It's much easier to use as it's in a more usable location. On the left-hand side, I have text books, some Bingo games, puzzles at the bottom (we love Melissa and Doug' system, alphabet train, human body, preschool objectives, etc.). There's also supplies like staples, paper clips, envelopes, etc. One the right side are my books and binders, our Scope and Sequence binder and lots of books. I got the black boxes (not sure if you can see them) at Target for a few dollars a piece and they've worked out nicely for categorizing the books...math, science, Spanish, history, Bible, geography, etc.). I put art supplies at the top (paints, glitter and glue). Our printer is also at the top right as well as a pencil sharpener on the way right-hand side of the bookshelf.
Lincoln's desk is blue and Norah's is purple. I have Lincoln and Norah's workboxes on the same shelf for now, but I'm going to have to get another shoe rack for Norah as she's starting to do more work now herself an needing a shelf of her own (not all the workboxes are present). Daily, we sing a continent song, a 50 states song, we say our Bible verse on love, say phonics charts (above Norah's desk), geography terms and there's more on the other walls. I don't just like hanging posters on the walls for fun. I like utilizing them in every way possible as we sing and say things for our circle time. Our art bin is by Norah's desk so that when she finishes her workboxes, she's free to do art while I finish with the others. She seems to do pretty well with this although she does get bored and we result to some other things in a separate preschool box for her.
For more on The Workbox System by Sue Patrick, click HERE.
It's a lifesaver for families with multiple children.
Here's Avonlea's desk and workbox shelf (again, not all workboxes present). We have an obedience poster that we started this year, her number chart, addition facts and a writing tablet that flips with cues and helps for writing. (There was a bunch of junk I was sorting through on her desk so never mind that.) I keep flannel board items, our character/Bible box and some sewing odds and ends in the corner.
There's a bed on the very right-hand side (for guests and Norah takes a nap in the school room everyday...I keep all the kids completely separate for naps and quiet time). Our calendar is front and center. I wish it could be lower so Norah could reach it, but so far I don't have another place to put the boys' clothing storage shelf. We have a list of homophones we keep as an ongoing list and a small season's chart as well as the fruits of the Spirit that we sing. I keep supplies for the kids to reach on the shelf there and odds and ends like our ironing board and wrapping paper to the right.
If you have a post on your own school room, please send it to me in the comment box and I'd love to share it with other readers...I'll do a link. :)

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Rachel E. said...

So neat and organized. It looks great.