Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happenings Around Here
Lots of trips to the park lately. Beautiful, non-humid, Florida days. Sketching in sketchpads and nature walks and talks.
This pregnancy has definitely been more difficult (hormone-wise) than any of the others. Maybe it's because there's more of them. :) Anyways, getting out of the first trimester has been a blessing as I'm back to my "old self" and we're back full-time into our learning and productive days. Whew!
Still trying to get over the shock of the election and the movement of this country. You know people are serious when they want succession from our country and are signing petitions left and right. Dangerous? Civil War-like. Scary. BUT, God is in ultimate control.
More property hunting. Expanding those horizons and broadening our scope as to "where". Trusting the Holy Spirit's leading.
Blessed and humbled each day to be with my children, soaking up their smiles and enjoying watching lightbulbs "go off". So thankful to God for the freedom of home education.
Garden has stunted itself this fall. Deep down, I knew why but didn't want to admit it. I pulled up the roots of one of my cucumber plants last week to find Nematodes once again. The roots were full of them. Even the manure I recently laid to give the soil a little "kick" didn't work. Once they've started, there's no stopping them. A few lettuce and onions should turn out, but if we do a spring garden, I'll be laying a tarp down over the beds and baking those little suckers out!


Rachel E. said...

Oh how I look forward to getting out of the first trimester. The sick feeling is horrible. I don't feel like doing much and the house is in shambles. Ugh! Not good.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

eeeek! Just read your announcement, so happy for you! Hope you're feeling well and enjoy that beautiful weather. We loved the weather in fl last winter.