Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time of Rest...

I can't honestly say that I necessarily chose a time of rest from blogging, but maybe it was the Lord telling me to take a break. Who knows.
It started almost a month ago when our darling three-year-old was handing me my brand new laptop. Somehow she had gotten a hold of it and was trying to help, but the brand new laptop wound up smashed on the floor, cracking the screen.
You can say that I've been without internet for almost a month now and although it would drive some people crazy, it's been a blessing. No Facebook. No blogging. No e-mails. Nada.
The great part is that I've gotten three books read that have been sitting on my bookshelf staring at me saying, "Read me!" Good stuff. I've also been able to tackle a few odd jobs around here that I otherwise made no time for. The internet is indeed a blessing, but this break has reminded me just how much we depend on it and how much of a lifeline it can be in our lives if we let it.
Today, I've enjoyed catching up with my fellow bloggers and what you've all been up to. I apologize for no photos. My camera's memory card has been full and I haven't been able to unload them.
We've been busy with weddings galore (one of which I was so honored to sing with my husband at for the first time and do the flowers much fun!), chicken wing cutting, fall planting, Step 2 RV renovating, camping, birthdays (mine of which I celebrated my 33rd and Avy whom turned 7)educating our little ones, a trip to the other coast of Florida, amazing time with family from England and a few little unexpected things the Lord has thrown our way.
So, how is this lady blogging again you may be wondering? Well, my genius of a brother-in-law suggested plugging our laptop into the tv screen since that is the only non-working part of the computer. We did and I officially have internet again. Not the kind of internet that you can snuggle up on the couch and relax while surfing the net or reading e-mails, but rather plugging the laptop into a very short chord plugged into the tv and pulling up a chair to the entertainment center while enduring neck spasms from looking up and being too close to a large screen. No one is complaining here. No, not I. :)  All in good time, we shall either fix this laptop screen or depending on the cost of fixing the screen, purchase a cheap, new laptop altogether.
For now,  I just wanted to let you all know that we're still alive and thriving here. Updates to come!

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Rachel E. said...

Good to know you are well. Have fun.