Monday, September 3, 2012

We're Back...
Betcha didn't know we were gone, but we've been RV camping this past week (definitely not the "roughing it" kind in a tent, so we can't get that kind of credit!). We stayed at a local place that we frequently visit and love. It has been such a blessing to us as we've really enjoyed our times there and look forward to many more.
With each RV trip we take as a family, we get more and more comfortable at it. We feel more comfortable with hooking up our water, grey and black tubes, seeing how everything ticks and makes our little home on wheels function.  We've established a routine over whose tasks are whose and the order of unloading and loading. Even the kids have certain jobs. They love being included and feeling as though they're needed for their special tasks.
Before we left, our family all pitched in and began gutting out and painting the big beast. We chose a light, tropical blue color for the living room and look forward to accenting with blacks, reds and greys. I found this great magazine years ago on how to decorate a home on a tight budget and boy have I got some great ideas written down and ready to tackle. I know that making our RV look more like a home will help in our moving process. We even noticed a difference in the trip this time around how much more relaxing it was and "homey" it felt.
A few things on our list include:
-slip cover for the couch in the living room
-possible pull-out couch in our bedroom to have more living space during the day
-we gutted out the dining room table and hope to replace it with a vintage table and some funky mismatched chairs (I'll probably pick some up off the road somewhere and give them a facelift with paint and fabric).
- we have some frames under our bed in our home where I'll probably get some photos in them and up on the walls of the RV living room and our bedroom
- a few fun, entryway ideas with fabric
- drapes (gotta love Jo-Ann Fabric's coupons!)...I'll probably make some and then use a cafe' curtain rod with clips for simplicity. In other words, a plain panel-style drape...nothing fancy.
-curtains for the kids' room as well as paint (I'll be purchasing a sheet set...cheaper...from IKEA that matches their bed sets)
- some hooks for towels on the bathroom door as our towels are currently scattered everywhere on doorknobs, etc. They definitely need a place.
Anyway, the camping trip was a blast. Lots of bike riding (Norah learned how to ride her 'big girl' bike with training wheels which was a big deal for her), swimming, grilling out, homemade pancakes, reading, relaxing, walking, visiting with old friends, campfires, movies, dreaming, no internet, no cell phones...just "being".
Now we're back home and getting ready to begin school this week (although I hesitate to say "begin school" since we're learning all the time). Our books have arrived in the mail, plans have been made and we're excited and ready for an amazing year. I know that the Lord has some outstanding lessons for us to learn together this year!

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Dobson Family said...

Are there pics of the inside? Glad you guys had fun!