Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican National Convention
Not sure if you've been following the Republican National Convention here in Tampa, Florida but we have. It's been interesting to watch Ann Romney and Chris Christie speak. I'm hoping to catch Paul Ryan tonight.
Although Mitt Romney was not my first choice for a presidential candidate, I still support his main issues, espeically repealing Obamacare (although to be honest, his own leadership in his state has me a bit nervous).
I thought I'd post Christie's speech incase you missed it. I love how he says that Americans are tired of being talked down to and want to be talked to as adults. Obama continues to make excuses for the American people saying that we "didn't build our entrepaneurships", that we need bail outs, that we need to depend on the government for everything. NOT what our country was founded on!!!
 We were founded on the principles of God. Principles of hard work, rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. Providing for yourself and having community support for families. SACRIFICE in generations for following generations.

 I think our founding fathers would indeed roll over in their graves if they saw what our country has become...a big mess of debt, excuses, lies, laziness, disrespect for others, selfishness, sneakiness, geneside of unborn babies and our future American leaders, lack of bravery in our leaders and the biggest danger is that of defiance against the Lord's principles and His Word. He gave us His Word as a manual for life and we continue to dismiss its importance.
  Oh, are such a weight and a destructor.
Sometimes, my heart just aches for our country. For what we have become. I feel as though I need to apologize to our Creator so often for the things I see going on. The saddest part is that there's SO much more going on that my eyes don't see that He does. Oh how He must weep for the ones He loves. For the ones who are so lost and have no purpose for their life except to merely exist and then die. To exist without the hope of someday knowing Jesus Christ.
On the flip side, I am thankful for our leaders who are "taking us where we SHOULD go" even though it may hurt tempoarily. Who are telling the truth because we are adults and we can take it. May the Lord keep them brave and courageous as they stand against so many. We're tired of being babied by Obama. We just want the truth. The facts. Let's not be scared to sacrifice a little financially for the next generation and the future of our country. History is on the line here. Obama has already given up on us as Americans and is ready to begin this new one world government (Revelation 13:1, Daniel 7:16-24, Daniel 2:41-42, Revelation 13:2). You can read HERE for further breakdown. I do consider this source to be quite credible and accurate, otherwise I wouldn't promote them in our learning process together.
Tune in tonight for more Republican excitement as the RNC continues throughout the week here in Tampa.

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