Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking a Break

It's official. I'm taking a blogging break.

So much going on in the life of our family. So many decisions being made. Homeschool lessons to plan out. Book lists to update. New homemade recipes I want to try. A nightstand of books that I'm trying to finish up. A sweet baby boy who is growing up way too fast that I need to love on before he becomes a "big boy". Little girl sewing crafts and handicrafts that I want to finish up. Seeds to plant and seedlings to transplant (August and September are always the busiest gardening months, hence our light schoolwork load). Finalizing homeschool curriculum and schedules for this year that I'm super excited about and have worked so hard to make large-family friendly, yet still adhering to Miss Mason's amazing philosophies. The more I read in the book Charlotte Mason Companion, the more encouraged I am in our homeschooling endeavors. The more I learn about what true learning and knowledge are. The more I learn how her philosophies provide true, one-on-one learning and knowledge that will be retained for years to come, and not just retained, but passionately retained to where children have ownership of what they have learned and take it to a whole other level of independant learning. It's an amazing book and if you struggle with Charlotte Mason's original series of books, this is a great read as it puts language in more modern speech.

We have stories to read aloud and narrate (by drawing, acting out and "telling back"). We have new chicks to tend to. We have properties to narrow down. We have weddings galore in the month of October. {heart}

Oh so much to do. Oh so many blessings we've been given. Oh to just rest in Jesus. I love this picture of Christ with a little, innocent girl. Simplicity. It's what I long for. Becoming more unplugged to our crazy, busy society. I love turning off my cell phone, home phone and computer for the day, just "being" with my family and really appreciating the simple things in life.

I will be back (Lord-willing. Isn't everything "Lord-willing"?!). I will update my blog to a more organized, simplistic space. But for now, I'm off to tend to my little ones, change diapers and grow in the patience and understanding of my Heavenly Father who I lean on everyday.

Blessings to all my sweet readers!!!


Abigail said...

You will be missed and your return will be awaited. I'm starting the Mason way this year with my son. I'm so excited. In reading the book I read and checking out their site made me feel like I can do this and my son will still excel (and maybe I'll get a little smarter too!). I hated public school and now my son wont have to!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Kelli, you balance all so well. Enjoy your time reading and raising those babies.