Thursday, July 12, 2012

Independence Day Memories
(Jersey Acre-style)

"Duck, duck, goose!"
"The Swimming Hole"

Snuggled up watching cartoons
Riding bikes
(Yes, that's Riley in the background who tagged along with us. She was in a dog's paradise!)
Miss Molly who we miss dearly, but know she's having a blast. So much more room to run versus our little urban farm.

Lincoln (5) took this photo of Molly, Isaac and I. Not bad for a little guy.

Each time we visit Molly, I notice more and more how her legs are showing more miniature Jersey traits. Compared to many of her little buddies in the calf pasture, she's the oldest, but not exactly the tallest. Sweet girl. She'll definitely be small and we'll have to breed her with another mini Jersey or a smaller sized standard bull so she can birth her calf without complications. I can't wait to have good, rich milk from her someday (and a little calf...prayin' for a female, obviously). We'll be able to breed her at 15 months (next April).
Lincoln and Molly...sweet luv. {heart}

This is pretty much Isaac's "spot" for a large portion of us being at the farm. He loves to hang out and watch all the wildlife about him and I can help with milking, bottling, etc.
Thank goodness for ERGO.
Can't wait to have Molly back with us at some point again. I even miss her nudging me to pet her when I was doing laundry. Never did hear from the city codes department about having her gone. They never called back to see if we did anything about finding her a new home...makes me wonder. Hmm...guess we still technically did the right thing. Sigh.
Linc who claims he wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.:) Atta-boy!
Just love her dopey ears. Something about a Jersey and their sweet ears and big brown eyes. Pure luv!

Lining up, ready to be milked. Let us in please!

 Rich, creamy, raw, nutritious, nutrient-dense, CLA-loaded, fresh, non-homogenized, non-pasteurized, allergy/asthma-fighting, the way God intended us to drink, MILK.

The view from our camper. I have to say that it was beautiful waking up to and going to sleep to this picture each morning and evening.

Each time we visit, I get to know each cow, their names and personalities a bit more.
Each one, so unique. Each one, created by an amazing Creator. 

Sharing some pasta salad for lunch on our birthday boy's 1st birthday. Poor little fella. He was sleeping by the time we finished evening milking and got to slice his cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" anyway and enjoyed it's sweet goodness.

Here's a few fun videos of our weekend.


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Rachel E. said...

I had wondered why you had to send Molly away. I am praying you will be able to have your farm some day and re-connect with your cow. She is beautiful.

The government has done a splendid job scaring people, self included, when it comes to raw milk. Have you all ever gotten sick from it? Is the secret in making sure the milk comes from very, very, clean udders?