Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yikes! It's been over a week since last posting! Sorry friends.
We've definitely been busy around here with...

play dates

feeding and playing with Molly


building a cow shed (aka: small barn) for Molly (As always, Rob exceeded my expectations with this one!)

working in our spring garden (fertilizing fruit trees, adding pine bark, etc.)

looking for land (please be in prayer for us this week as some decisions may be made)

looking at cars that don't necessarily fit all 6 of us in it, but gets good gas mileage for commuting

trying to put together a closet system that fits our family (sigh...I need help on this one)

learning about grafting fruit trees (SO interesting!)

line-drying's funny the things the Lord takes away to get more time alone with us. I've found a good system that works with us line-drying approximately 8 loads of laundry each week and what a blessing it is to stand outside in our beautiful yard talking with my Father as I line dry my family's clothes. :)

raking leaves for mulch in our garden

finishing up sewing the rest of our cloth diapers that needed velcro replaced...only 6 out of 40 left to go. Whew.




...and all the normal stuff like cooking, baking, disciplining children, loving on children, feeding a sweet baby, trips to the store, chores, time with my awesome husband, cleaning, etc., etc., etc.

What a week. So happy it's The Lord's Day and we're having some rest and relaxation around here. Lots of pictures from this week are being uploaded, so be on the lookout for some fun posts comin' up! Blessings!!!

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Rachel E. said...

Kelli, I know you homestead and our family is preparing a move to VA. We hope to have chickens and a garden, but I have a few questions for you regarding chickens. Do you think we could contact each other via email? My email can be found under my profile. Thanks.