Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Made the News!
Our family was recently on the news for a neat story on backyard chicken coops. I tried to post the video. We'll see if it works. Blogger hasn't been letting me go back in and change posts after they're posted. Once I click the button, it's there for good. So, if a big black box pops up with no video, I apologize. Here is the website if you'd like to check out the acutal story we did.
The reporter Jeremy Campbell was great and very interested in what our family was doing in urban homesteading. What I found funny was the fact that I "appeared" somewhat pulled together on the tape, but in reality, I was speaking to my children between takes. They were sitting on the back deck observing and trying to keep quiet so Jeremy could get his story. So glad we could have a part in educating others about where food comes from and maybe even encouraging others to homestead on their own level. What was neat was how Jeremy shared that this is becoming popular news and he asked if we'd be willing to do future stories on this topic. Of coarse we said "yes". (By the way, Jeremy gave me all of 20 minutes to get ready: freshen up the coop a bit, freshen up myself a know the drill of checking to make sure you don't have any baby spit up on your shirt, attempting to apply some make up and doing a quick shake of the hair before you're about to go on tv.) It really was a fun day and we felt so blessed to be a part of it.

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Rachel E. said...

How awesome! And, you look beautiful. I don't think you looked taped together at all.

Oh, wanted to tell you, I have my blog back up. Nothing new posted yet, but I will soon.